IAMIC Statement on Ukraine Invasion


The Music Information Center is a member of the International Association of Music Information Centers (IAMIC), which has 34 members, including six from non-European countries (Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, India). At the joint online meeting of the member states held on March 3, 2022, regret and sadness were expressed due to the unfortunate events in Ukraine. The text of the statement is transmitted in full:

IAMIC Statement on Ukraine Invasion:
IAMIC (International Association of Music Information Centres) is shocked and horrified by Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine and the impact that it has on millions of people. We hold grave fears for the people of Ukraine, among them our colleagues, who are now living in fear and terror and we offer our solidarity. As a network of organisations that come together to share the music of our respective nations, IAMIC strongly believes that international exchange and cooperation is now more important than ever, and we hope that through coming together the forces of peace will ultimately prevail.

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