Performance of Detoni’s The wonderful Monster of Time


Recently, the music publishing activity of the Croatian Music Information Center has been proving its purpose more and more often. In addition to a number of performances of the works of the great Dora Pejačević around the world from sheet music prepared by MIC, other Croatian composers represented in his publishing catalog come to the fore, among them the prominent contemporary author, Dubravko Detoni. His composition The Wonderful Monster of Time will be performed on Friday, March 11, 2022 in Zagreb Philharmonic White Cycle under the buton of young, multi-award winning conductor Dean Whiteside.

The edition of The Wonderful Monster of Time was published by the Croatian Music Information Center in 2015. In addition to the musical score, the edition is enriched with a biography of the composer, a great cover made by the award-winning graphic designer Daniel Ille, and the composer’s commentary on the work. Detoni commented that the composition “was created in Zagreb between 1982 to 1983, commissioned by what was then Radio Television Zagreb and was first performed on April 22, 1983 by the RTZ Symphony Orchestra at the 12th Music Beinnale Zagreb, conducted by Uroš Lajovic; since then it has a number of successful performances, and was selected by an international panel of judges for performances at World New Music Days in Seoul (1997).”

In addition to this composition, twelve more Detoni’s works are available to music lovers and music professionals in the MIC’s release catalog.

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