Dragan Plamenac

16th and 17th Century Music of Dalmatia

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1998

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Raul Knežević
Stanka Kranjčević, Stanislav Tuksar
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24 cm
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The book gathers eight papers written by the distinguished Croatian musicologist of world renown, Dr. Drago Plamenc. The papers are dedicated to the 16th and 17th century music of Dalmatia and have had significant influence on the formation of contemporary Croatian musicology. However, the fact that the papers were mostly published in Croatian, made them little known in the international community of musicologists. Still, this is a significant volume of papers that are in no way inferior to Plamenc’s other papers and the music history expertise of late medieval and renaissance sources of Europe. The repeated publication of the selected papers on Dalmatian music is, therefore, not a mere homage to the great musicologist: these are also texts of current and methodological originality which is clearly recognized in our time. Apart from the papers, the book contains notes, an epilogue and a bibliography of Plamenc’s musicological papers.