Hans Ulrich Humpert, Vladan Radovanović

40 years of electronic music

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1989

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Nikša Gligo (german), Maja Šoljan (english)
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croatian, german, english
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Program of the thematic series with which the 15th Zagreb Music Biennale celebrated 40 years of electronic music was the result of the efforts of Hans Ulrich Humpert, leader of the Cologne Music Studio, and Vladan Radovanović, leader of the Radio Belgrade, Third Program Electronic Studio. Humpert made a selection from the overall world production (the first 5 concerts) while Radovanović selected enough accompanying material to fill a book. It was, therefore, decided to print it separate from the festival catalogue. Since both the selection and the comments are original, the program which each of the authors selected was printed together with their comments. The texts were published in the format and language used by their authors, and were subsequently translated into Croatian or English, accordingly.