Stanko Horvat
Stanko Horvat

Ben misurato za glasovir

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre, Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall
Publish year: 2006

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printed edition
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soloistic music
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32 cm
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croatian, english
About the music edition:
Stanko Horvat (Zagreb, 1930 - 2006) graduated in composition from S. Šulek’s class at the Music Academy in Zagreb in 1956. He spent the academic year 1958-59 in Paris doing post-graduate work under T. Aubin at the Paris Conservatory and taking private lessons from R. Leibowitz. After his post-graduate work in Paris - under the influence of Leibowitz - he turned towards dodecaphony, serialism and other current composition techniques which he soon abandoned, however, as incompatible with his sensibilities. The Polish School had a much stronger influence on his work. In all the forms employed, Horvat has focused primarily on musical expression. He is inclined towards pure sound, simple form and traditional treatment of the instrument. His works reveal a desire for a reconciliation of the contemporary and the romantic, the strict and the free-form, the structured and the improvised. His inclination towards simplicity of texture, sometimes reminiscent of minimalist music, is always apparent. "Hidden behind this serious title is a not so large piano composition, which is maybe only partly measured (misurata). Its introduction evokes a careful step, hesitation and occasional eruptions (unmeasured). The second and final part of this composition introduces the “ben misurato” material of an expressively rhythmic origin which is constantly repeated and brings to mind something mechanically monotonous. The composition is concluded with a good old vehement fortissimo of chords." (Stanko Horvat)

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