Josip Štolcer Slavenski
Josip Štolcer Slavenski

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2018

Edition type: score

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printed edition
Catalogue type:
music for solo instrument and orchestra
Catalogue subtype:
solo instrument, symphony orchestra
violin, symphony orchestra
vn. solo – 2 fl. 2 ob. 2. cl. 2 fg. – 4 cor. 2 tr. 4 tbn. – timp. – G. C., ptti – arp. – archi
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32 cm
Publication language:
croatian, english
About the music edition:
Josip Štolcer Slavenski (1896 – 1955) received his first instruction in music from his father, then in 1913 he entered the Budapest Conservatory where his teachers included Kodály and Siklós. In 1921 he went to study in Novák’s masterclasses at the Prague Conservatory. Having completed his studies in 1923 he returned to Croatia and taught for a year at the music school of the Zagreb Music Academy. In 1924 he moved to Belgrade, where he stayed for the rest of his life... „A hundred and seventy long and short compositions are a testimony of Josip Štolcer Slavenski’s productivity and the freedom with which he moved in his own musical space, working in accordance with the musical times in which he lived, yet remaining himself, seeking and predicting new ways for music. His proposals for the future, too radical to be practicable, marked him as a visionary outsider. In the history of the Croatian and Yugoslav music he is remembered as the “Slavenski phenomenon”, primarily of course because of his characteristic composing procedure and less so on the basis of an experience of his music, which – owing to the unordered state of his unpublished manuscripts, lack of modern editions and rarity of the earlier Schott editions – remains far from easily accessible.“ (Eva Sedak)

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