Hubert Pettan

Croatian Opera – Ivan Zajc, II.

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1983

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Srećko Lipovčan
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This is an independent part of an envisioned very voluminous work entitled “The Croatian Opera”, one volume of which (Zajc’s Contemporaries, I) was published in 1969. Zajc’s operas were divided chronologically into three groups, the second of which, encompassing 10 operas (Mislav, Ban Leget, Branković, Čengić-Aga, Master John, Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Lizinka, Pan Tvardovski, Zlatka, and Gospodje i husari), is dealt with in this book. This issue uses the same divisions as the previously published volume, and all of the above mentioned operas are described in detail. The book gives sources, synopses, descriptions of the works, information about the librettos, orchestra, performances, reviews – these are regular sections for each work, while specific works contain additional sections. There are complete reviews for every performed opera. The edition is filled with numerous score examples of the operas, and with images.