Stanislav Tuksar

Croatian Renaissance Music Theorists

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1980

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Sonja Bašić
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This study on Croatian music theorists from the renaissance period is the first of the kind to present the results of systematic, comparative research of written sources of early Croatian music theory. The author of the paper decided to present six Croatian music theorists: Federik Grisogogon Bartolačić (Pythagorean Cosmology and the Mysticism of Numbers), Pavle Skalić (Harmony and Musical Sphere), Faust Vrančić (Beginnings of Croatian Music Terminology), Franjo Petris (On Deciphering Old Greek Music Notation), Miha Monaldi (Theory of Meaning in Music. A Contribution to the History of Music Semiology) and Nikola Vitov Gučetić (Music and Education in the Renaissance Dubrovnik).