Miroslav Miletić
Miroslav Miletić

Dance for Violin Solo

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2001

Edition type: score

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soloistic music
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32 cm
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croatian, english
About the music edition:
Miroslav Miletić (1925 – 2018) graduated from the Academy of Music in Zagreb, in violin and viola in the class of Stjepan Šulek and Ivan Pinkava, and chamber music under Antonio Janigro. He studied composition privately in Zagreb, and later in Salzburg, Hilversum and Darmstadt. His understanding of music was especially enriched and improved in Prague, where he was working under Pavel Bořkovec. The composer's opus of Miroslav Miletić should be seen in view of his entire music activity, in particular his lifelong experience as a reproductive artist. It should be pointed out that Miletić composed the first Croatian work (concerto) for guitar and orchestra. The idea for Dance for solo violin and first sketches emerged in Sofia, on the orchestra's concert tour 1957. Dance is one of the most frequently performed and most popular of the composer's works. Three music materials appear in the composition, while the form develops on the model of a sonata movement comprising an exposition, a development section, a recapitulation and, finally, a coda. The composition is dedicated to Pavel Bořkovec, and also exists in an arrangement for mandolin by Ugo Orlandi, the Italian mandolinist.