Krsto Odak
Krsto Odak

Divertimento for Alt-saxophone and Strings, Op. 66

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2021

Edition type: piano reduction, saxophone part

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printed edition
Catalogue type:
music for solo instrument and orchestra
Catalogue subtype:
solo instrument, symphony orchestra
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Book height:
32 cm
Publication language:
croatian, english
About the music edition:
Krsto Odak’s Divertimento for saxophone and strings (with piano obligato) is an effective neo-Classicist composition, with an easily discernible formal disposition, graced by a harmonic language typical of the post-Romantic tradition of 20th century revival styles. Masterfully composed, it is an acoustically interesting and virtuoso composition that, with its stylised popular dance at the very end, brings us the magical good cheer and joy that is immanent to music. The musical legacy of Krsto Odak comprises a valuable artistic oeuvre of about 250 compositions of all musical kinds, including solo and operatic pieces and film scores, distinctive religious works based on Old Slavonic texts and the original Divertimento that has enriched the otherwise rather threadbare musical literature for saxophone and orchestra. Odak composed the piece in 1955 and it was first performed two years later by saxophonist Bojan Hohnjec with the Symphony Orchestra of Radio-Television Zagreb conducted by Ferdo Pomykalo.

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