Koraljka Kos

Dora Pejačević. Life and Work

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1987

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Marija Božić
Charlotte Ivir
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This is a translation of Koraljka Kos’s edition, published in 1982 by the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Sciences. Still, when compared to the 1982 edition, the German edition is enhanced and supplemented with new information. Furthermore, the bibliography of papers on Dora Pejačević is updated. “By its concept of contents and form, this work follows the tradition of standard monographic overviews, [...] in which the composer’s biography is integrated into a wider cultural context, and special attention is given to the sphere of intellectual preoccupations and urges that were very significant to Dora Pejačević’s musical expression” (K. Kos). In the overview of her oeuvre, there is the development process and particularity of each of the music forms that the composer used in her oeuvre. The edition also gives a number of score examples, the composer’s detailed biography, analyses of compositions and a range of visual appendices.