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Koraljka Kos

Dora Pejačević

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2008

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Jelena Vuković
Nina Helena Antoljak, Graham McMaster
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20 cm
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croatian, english
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„After the monograph that for the first time dealt with the personality and work of the Croatian composer Dora Pejačević (1st edition in Croatian 1982; in German 1987) it is the author’s wish in this popular book (here in its second and enlarged edition) to make the composer more familiar to broader circles of music lovers as well as to present her in other countries. This intention has determined the character of the text and the ultimate appearance of the book: it was decided to dispense with detailed analyses and examples from the scores, instead of which the book comes with its accompanying CD containing a selection from the oeuvre of Dora Pejačević. At the same time, an endeavour has been made, through ample illustrative and pictorial material, to provide a distinctive visual dimension capable of conjuring up the world in which the composer moved, introducing the figures of her family, friends and contemporaries, and giving biographical material and musical notation in the original autographs or in early editions. The period after 1985, in which the centenary of Dora Pejačević’s birth was celebrated, spurred a great deal of interest in her music and launched a real renaissance of her oeuvre, making it possible to verify the current attitudes towards her work, with somewhat different nuances being imparted to some judgements. That is why some parts of the text of this book, alongside those that are based on the already published monographs, are completely new. An attempt has also been made to give greater weight to the composers own words, which have been raised from the modest position of footnotes (which they occupied in the first two monographs) into the basic text. The updated bibliography should take the interested reader still further, in particular to more recent studies on the music and personality of Dora Pejačević. This book, in presenting Dora Pejačević to the world, should certainly fill a gap in the popular literature about Croatian composers. An increased interest in the music and life of Dora Pejačević justifies this choice because it provides basic information and clears the way for the music. And this is the ultimate purpose of all musicological research, including the kind that on the basis of a much longer text grounded on scholarly documentation gives rise to a popular and - we may hope - more immediately appealing digest such as this.“ (Koraljka Kos)