Ferdo Livadić
Ferdo Livadić

German Songs

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2015

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printed edition
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vocal-instrumental music
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voice, solo instrument
voice, piano
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32 cm
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croatian, english, german
About the music edition:
Ferdo Livadić (1799 – 1879) recieved his musical education in Graz. After graduation he settled at his family estate in Samobor (Croatia) and spent the rest of his life there, composing in his spare time. During the Croatian national movement (1835–48) he was a prominent supporter of its leader, Ljudevit Gaj. He composed numerous art songs in Croatian, Slovenian, and German, as well as marches, dances and scherzi for piano. Probably the best of these piano works is a Nocturne in F sharp minor (1820) written even before famous Chopin's nocturnes. „Among the 54 German Lieder extant there are both intimate songs and other genres, which the author often indicated with a subtitle; included are romances, satirical couplets, drinking songs, a hymn and various comic songs. This collection includes four spiritual songs, for solo voice with a simple organ accompaniment. (...) With his songs, Wiesner Livadić joins the circle of minor masters of Central Europe around and after Schubert. All of them aspired to the ideal that had been posited by Goethe: a balancee between poetry and music. Meant for household music making, his songs had to be simple and easy to perform, to be accessible in their musical components to amateurs. Deep into the 19th century, Livadić translated the classical tradition, enriching it with elements of Romanticism. Along with Vatroslav Lisinski, Ivan Padovec and Franjo Krežma he contributed to the reputation of a previously in Croatia neglected kind – the art song. His solo songs are a characteristic expression of "Croatian Romantic classicism", and the moderate current of European Romantic music.“ (Koraljka Kos)

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