Natko Devčić

Harmonic element in musical works of Ivo Maček

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1994

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Jagoda Martinčević
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Within the Musica theoretica series of MIC, there is a number of editions dedicated to the professional audience: “Analysis of a work of music reaches the core of its constituent parts, and this process, as a rule, is intended for musicians whom it will help to observe the composition as a whole... Through an analysis of the harmonic component of Maček’s oeuvre, Natko Devčić came to another kaleidoscope through which his scrutinizing eye observed the relationship of notes in the vertical of musical thought. Behind this professional analysis we find a judgment that will, with the help of arguments presented, determine the order of value about one of the most specific phenomena of Croatian music of our time: the oeuvre of Ivo Maček” (J. Martinčević). The edition consists of texts and of an appendix of score examples.