Boris Papandopulo
Boris Papandopulo

Istrian Frescoes of Beram, a Triptych for Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2019

Edition type: score

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printed edition
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vocal-instrumental music
mixed chorus, symphony orchestra
picc. 2 fl. (fl. 2 / picc. 2) 2 ob. cor. ingl. 2 cl. in Si♭ 2 fg. - 4 cor. 3 tr. 3 tbn. tba. - timp. - G. C., tamburino, tam. picc., tom-t., trgl., campane, cencerro, tam-t., guiro, bl. di legno, cast., rag., ptti. sosp., sonaglio, xil., vib. - cel. arp. - CORO (S - A - T -B) - archi - pf.
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32 cm
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croatian, english
About the music edition:
Boris Papandopulo (1906 – 1991) is one of the most distinctive Croatian musicians of the 20th century. Papandopulo also worked as music writer, journalist, reviewer, pianist and piano accompanist; however, he achieved the peaks of his career in music as a composer. His composing oeuvre is imposing – Papandopulo composed almost 500 opuses: with great success he created instrumental (orchestral, concertante, chamber and solo), vocal and instrumental (for solo voice and choir), music-stage and film music. In all these kinds and genres he left a string of anthology-piece compositions of great artistic value. “[…] The Zagreb Philharmonics held a matinee concert at noon, performing my ‘Istrian Frescoes,’ among other compositions. I cannot begin to describe what a great and spontaneous success that was – the audience eventually called out my name – I never dreamed the composition would get such a fantastic reception! […] The new hall is beautiful, and the acoustics is amazing […].” This is what Boris Papandopulo wrote in a letter to his wife Zdenka on December 31, 1973, commenting the premiere of his Istarske freske iz Berma / Istrian Frescoes of Beram, “a triptych for mixed choir and symphony orchestra” – as he named the composition – which happened during the opening ceremony of the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on December 30, 1973 in Zagreb. On the first page of the score autograph, Papandopulo wrote “according to Prof. Vladimir Fajdetić’s idea.” Names of individual composition parts (movements) – Poklon kraljeva (Kavalkada) / Bowing of the Kings (Cavalcade), Mrtvački ples / Danse Macabre and Anđeli svirači / Musical Angels – refer to specific frescoes in the small town of Beram in Istria, near Pazin. The first two frescoes are located in the Church of St. Mary of Škriline, and the third one in the Church of St. Martin... (Davor Merkaš)

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