Jakov Gotovac

Publisher: Muzički informativni centar Koncertne direkcije Zagreb
Publish year: 2003

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Jagoda Martinčević
Nada Šoljan, Petra Potočnik
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This edition is somewhere between a monograph and a reader. Composed of a selection of previously available material and of material written precisely for this book, it tries to include the most important creative points of this great Croatian composer. At the same time, the edition gathers a series of views and information about the master’s most famous work – the opera Ero the Joker. The issue also contains a list of works, releases and Croatian performances of the composer’s works for stage. Some authors of the texts are interpreters who are in direct contact with Gotovac’s music and their opinions are, therefore, authentic and valuable evidence about the author-performer relationship, while, on the other hand, private memories of family members or people who worked with Gotovac give an insight into Gotovac as a person but also make him closer as a composer. Text authors: Andrija Tomašek, Mirjana Škunca, Pero Gotovac, Zlatko Tomičić, Marija Bergamo, Jerko Bezić, Dalibor Paulik, Veselko Tenžera, Nikša Gligo, Igor Kuljerić, Miro Belamarić, Jagoda Martinčević, Jakov Gotovac, Antun Celio-Cega