Josip Hatze. Croatian Composer

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1982

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Srećko Lipovčan
Sonja Bašić
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croatian, english
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The Reader on Josip Hatze (1879-1959) is composed of papers submitted at the Conference commemorating the great composer’s 100th birthday, held on November 23 and 24, 1979 in Zagreb. This is the first edition to give a systematic overview of Hatze’s life and his versatile work as a composer, conductor, teacher, theorist, public servant and culture worker. Articles: Lipovčan, Srećko, Preface | Kovačević, Krešimir, Josip Hatze in his time | Janaček-Buljan, Marija, Hatze Kuhač Correspondence | Tuksar, Stanislav, Josip Hatze - Conductor, Teacher and Composer - in the Light of Newspaper (1901-1959) | Tomašek, Andrija, Josip Hatze and the People's Liberation Struggle | Kos, Koraljka, Artistic and Functional Value of Josip Hatze's Solo Songs | Perić-Kempf, Bosiljka, Josip Hatze's Choral Music | Županović, Lovro, Significance of Hatze's Opera The Return for the History of Croatian and Yugoslav Opera | Roje, Nando, Adel and Mara" | Bezić, Jerko, Hatze's Treatment of Folk Music in his Opera "Adel and Mara" | Majer-Bobetko, Sanja, Unpulished Theoretical Papers of Josip Hatze