Milko Kelemen

Labyrinths of Sound

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1994

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Erika Krpan
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The edition entitled “Labyrinths of Sound” contains texts in which composer Milko Kelemen, as a chronicler of his own work, has recorded his numerous thoughts which are mostly somewhere in between the world of his musical convictions and the world commenting on those convictions. To celebrate the composer’s 70th birthday, the edition was re-issued in a somewhat changed and expanded form. The expansion is in Kelemen’s texts, and in texts of other authors which significantly add to the realization of themes and the heights of Kelemen’s thoughts, as well as in pictures. The edition includes interviews with Kelemen, the composer’s own comments and thoughts on certain works, as well as a list of the composer’s works and releases published by 1994.