Andrija Tomašek

Our Beautiful Homeland – Story of the Croatian anthem

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1990

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Srećko Lipovčan
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24 cm
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This “story of the Croatian anthem” written by Andrija Tomašek is the first and only book/study/paper on one of the national and state symbols. It is also a story about the long, unusual and often very complicated history and fate of a song and melody; in search of the historic truth, until now in many elements either hidden, or forgotten, or purposely distorted – this book is also a history of the Croatian anthem, the first and the only that we have. The story told in the first part of the book will be interesting to everyone who carries Croatia in their heart, not necessarily a professional or an expert – because this is how this work is written. (From the foreword by Srećko Lipovčan)