Julije Bajamonti
Julije Bajamonti

Salve Regina for Soprano, Two Violins and Cello

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2008

Edition type: score, parts

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printed edition
Catalogue type:
vocal-instrumental music
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voice, instrumental ensemble
soprano, two violins, violoncello, basso continuo
S solo – vn. I vn. II. – b.c.
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32 cm
Publication language:
croatian, english, german
About the music edition:
Julije Bajamonti, physician, composer and polymath (1744 – 1800). Having had his earlier education in Split, he studied medicine and music in Padua and in 1773 acquired a doctorate of science. He spent five years (1785 - 1790) as municipal physician and organist in Hvar, subsequently in Split, where as well as having a medical practice he was also chapel master of the Split cathedral and an organiser of musical life. He left a large oeuvre of compositions in manuscript, of almost 200 works, on the whole meant for the church – motets, masses and litanies, two requiems (Requiem of 1787 was written to mark the death of Rudjer Bošković), as well as instrumental works (symphonies, string quartets). He wrote down the lyrics and melodies of folk songs. He wrote, but never finished, a musical lexicon, the first of its kind in Croatia. His composition was the fruit of superb professionalism, and breathes good cheer and optimism.