Nikša Gligo
Nikša Gligo

Sound – Sign – Music. Discussions about musical semiography

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1999

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Raul Knežević
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"Semigraphy is the semiotics of notational systems. It researches notes as sound systems which [...] point to acoustic signs. Research of this special semiotic discipline points to specific problems encountered when New Music notation is in question, which is difficult to accept as an unambiguous sign system, especially when notation signs refer to sound which, as an “acoustic sign” becomes music. The studies collected in this book have been conducted since the mid 1980s. Most of them have previously been published in English and/or German. This edition, however, does not contain mere Croatian translations, but mostly “adaptations” in the spirit of Croatian language, adapted to our readers” (from the preface).