Petar Bergamo
Petar Bergamo

Spiriti Eccelenti for Girls’ Choir and Obligato Instruments

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1998

Edition type: score

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printed edition
Catalogue type:
vocal-instrumental music
girl's choir, obligato instruments
ob. 2 tr. in Do - tamb. guiro, rag., campane, vib. - coro (S A)
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Book height:
29 cm
Publication language:
croatian, english
About the music edition:
Petar Bergamo (1930.) educated in Split and Belgrade. Taught composition and Instrumentation at the Belgrade Academy. In 1972 he bacame editor of the Music Department of the famous Universal Edition in Vienna. Since 1983 he has been living in Zagreb, as a free lance artist. Spiriti eccelenti for girls’ choir and obligato instruments to verses of Marina Čapalija was written in the period 1993 – 1996. „In the collection of madrigals 'the spirits that glow' in the depths of the composer's spiritual and emotional world will become part of the crystal bestowing warmth and the wisdom of the composer who set himself yet another challenge: to express the emotional intensity of the images from his childhood on the coast as austerely as possible, to expand the zone of light as far as it will go in order to achieve a structure appropriate to both the austerity and force of expression. This reduction of material to the extreme has produced a series of perfectly proportioned forms and the crystal has become the meeting poing of the audible – Bergamo would say auditive – and its background that directs the light between the crystal edges.“ (Ekrika Krpan, CD booklet; Petar Bergamo Spiriti eccellenti... , HDS, MIC KDZ, HRT, 1999)