Oskar Jozefović
Oskar Jozefović

String Quartet

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2019

Edition type: score, 4 parts

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printed edition
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chamber music
Catalogue subtype:
string quartet
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32 cm
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Croatian, English
About the music edition:
Composer and conductor Oskar Jozefović (1890 – 1941) studied music theory at the Vienna University under H. Graedener. He studied composition (under V. Novák) and conducting (under F. Spilka) at the Prague Conservatory, where he was taught and graduated in the composing tradition of V. Novák’s Bohemian school (late romanticism, impressionism, but with folklore interests). He further studied orchestration at the Paris Conservatory with C. M. Widor, and then continued his studies in Munich, Vienna, Salzburg and Rome. His opus consists of 80 works, mostly solo songs, choirs, stage music, chamber works and few orchestral works. Oskar Jozefović composed his only String Quartet in 1929 as his third composition in a chamber music series. The work consists of four movements and its form is based on classical models. It is a part of Jozefović’s oeuvre based on stylized folklore themes, which was his contribution to the national tendencies present in Croatian music between the two wars.

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