Josip Mihovil Stratico
Josip Mihovil Stratico


Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre, Osor Musical Evenings
Publish year: 1980

Edition type: score

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printed edition
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orchestral music
Catalogue subtype:
string orchestra
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34 cm
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croatian, english
About the music edition:
Symphonic opus by Josip Mihovil Stratik (1728 – c 1782) is typical for the early classical period. It contains 35 works, composed, most probably before 1750, and intended for a string orchestra with or without violas. They each have three movements, usually in a fast – slow – fast sequence, while the majority are in a major key, usually without any or with two or three accidentals. The early-classca charasteristicy of Stratik's symphonies may be seen, among other things, in their formal structure. The musical structure of symphonies is a very simple one. His melodic lines are not particularly developed, especially when compared to his compositions for solo playing; he makes frequent use of two part, metre, pregnant rhythm and exceptional syncopation. The harmonics of the symphonies are also queite simple – moving mainly within the framework of basic harmonic relations and close tonaliteis, shile the light orchestration and treatment of individual parts do not demant too much of performers.

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