Franjo Krežma
Franjo Krežma

Symphony in A Minor

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 2019

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orchestral music
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symphony orchestra
2 fl. (fl. 2 poi fl. picc.) 2 ob. 2 cl. in Si♭ 2 cl. in La 2 fg. – 4 cor. 2 tr. in Fa 3 tbn. – timp. – archi
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32 cm
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croatian, english
About the music edition:
Franjo Krežma (1862 – 1881) is, without a doubt, unique phenomenom in the history of Croatian music – with his gorgeous talent and ingenuity he worthily fits in the rich Croatian violin tradition. He entered the Vienna Conservatory as nine-years-old boy, and was the youngest student of this Conservatory ever! In Italy, he was honored to play on Paganini's violin, and at the age of 17, he became a concertmaster at the Berlin Royal Orchestra (today's Berlin Philharmonic). He was respected by many famous artists such as Giuseppe Verdi and Franz Liszt (he played with him in one occasion). He composed a Symphony, a concert for the violin and the orchestra, several marchers and dances, Offertorium, three overtures, numerous solo compositions, violin and piano works, pieces for string quartets.. Franjo Krežma died at the age of 19... The four-movement Symphony in A Minor was composed in 1878 at the age of 16 and it is a firs romantic symphony written by a Croatian composer in the true sense of the word. Particularly interesting is the third movement, Scherzo, which shows all the splendor of the Krežma's talent and the great creative potential of young artist who, because of premature death at the age of 19, could not have been accomplished.