Nikša Gligo
Nikša Gligo

Variances of the Development Continuity: Composer Natko Devčić

Publisher: Croatian Music Information Centre
Publish year: 1985

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"Varijacije razvojnog kontinuiteta: skladatelj Natko Devčić" (Variances of the development continuity: composer Natko Devčić) is a somewhat changed version of the author’s master’s thesis which, as a “contribution to the research of continuity in the post-war decelopment of Croatian music”, and entitled “The Development Continuity in the Oeuvre of Natko Devčić” was defended at the Music Academy in Zagreb on June 25, 1981. Through “the division between instrumentality and vocality” od Devčić’s oeuvre, Nikša Gligo gives an interesting framework and a kind of method with which he “achieves the best insight into the interdependency of material and the composition-technical processes” and notices a “development (dis)continuity” in the works of this Croatian composer. Author’s analyses of the function of the folklore material, i.e. its implementation (“transformation”) in Devčić’s oeuvre are especially interesting, as is the overview of articulations of the “individual form” and its relation to vocality. In the appendix, we also find valuable, detailed lists of Devčić’s compositions, theoretical works, articles, essays, lectures, discography releases and bibliography on his music.