Art in the palm of your hand!


Boris Papandopulo’s Monologue for Violin, published by the Music Information Center in 1996, attracted the artistic attention of the young, promising violinist Martin Krpan. He will perform the work on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 in the Small Hall of KD Vatroslav Lisinski at a concert entitled Art in the palm of your hand as part of the cycle Youth for Youth. The program also includes works by Anđelko Klobučar, Marko Ruždjak and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Monologue for violin was composed in 1976, and was dedicated to the distinguished Croatian violinist Josip Klima. This work, which makes great demands on the player’s technique and interpretation, consists of four expressions, similar in their expression and tonal material, linked by an introductory and highly expressive descending chromatic motif that is threaded through the fabric of all the movements. Meditative and introspective, the work is very uncommon in its sound; it is written atonally, but is powerful in expression and full of interesting and unexpected turns. This Monologue for violin is one of Papandopulo’s most radical compositions, characterized by the facture being saturated with dissonances and harsh tonal combinations, present in both the melodic line and in the vertical complexes, in the double and triple stops. (

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